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Letter of Reference

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this as a reference for Boyden Landscaping of Pelham, NH. I have had the privilege of working with Charlie Boyden for the last three years as the landscaper for Windham Baseball Softball League (WBSL). Over these seasons, Boyden was granted the standard field maintenance agreement from the Town of Windham. This consisted of mowing, trimming, spring cleaning, preparation for play, etc. In addition, Boyden was contracted by WBSL for numerous capital and upgrade projects. These consisted of:

*Major field upgrades at two softball fields (Sod; Fenway mix; Conditioner; Bases)
*Infield replacements at four town baseball fields (Fenway mix; Conditioner; Bases)
*Installation of two new Tee-Ball fields (Layout; Sod-cuts; Stone dust compaction)
*Pad preparation for three new sheds.
*Irrigation work as needed.
*Brush Clearing; Tree Removal.
*Consultation on field preparation and seasonal maintenance.

I have found Charlie to be very communicative and accessible. He is timely in his response, and the quality of his work is second to none. He is constantly aware of the conditions of our fields and facilities thru the feedback that he obtains thru his employees. On numerous occasions, Charlie will contact me to make me aware of an issue that may exist at our fields. His prioritization of safety is paramount, as his in-field employees will stop to fix a problem that they know might lead to an accident (i.e. a hole in a field; irrigation head that is a tripping hazard’ etc.). In addition, he works around our demanding schedule and is willing to be open to the budgetary restrictions that we might have at a particular time.

I would highly recommend Boyden Landscaping for any/all activities that you might have. I can think of no other vendor that I have either professionally or personally who has exceeded my expectations and set the bar for others to follow.

Scott A. Mueller
Director of Facilities & Maintenance
Windham Baseball Softball League

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